ch 10 Keynote & Study Questions

Ch 10 Keynote Ch 10 Learning Objectives After reading the chapter, students should understand: Graphic design contributed to a culture of consumption, and modernism became a consumable idea, as once-experimental forms were popularized through style trends. Graphic designers were increasingly involved in creating lifestyle fantasies that were not inherently connected to the goods and services … Continued

Chapters 6 – 9 Review

Review Slides Additional slides ( not included in review slides above ) GE logo, Influenced by Jugendstil ( see Jugendstil examples bellow )

Manifestos & ch 9 keynote

Chapter 9 keynote   Review Slides Chapter 9 Study Questions What are the basic tenets of modernism? What does the word avant garde mean? In his Futurist Manifesto, Filippo Marinetti declared that what was a beautiful as the Venus de Milo? What Dadaist techniques inspired contemporary design? What is Modern graphic design is characterized by? … Continued


Chapter 8 Keynote slides Chapter 8 Study Questions    Why was Owen Jones’ Grammar of Ornament significant?   What was Arts and Crafts typography most inspired by?   What are some examples of Arts and Crafts publication?   Why were the writings of John Ruskin so influential?   William Morris sought to do what?   … Continued

Broadside Extra Credit

Using your notes create a stylized broadside layout in either Indesign or Illustrator on a sheet of 13 x 19  paper. Use examples from chapters 4 & 5 for reference / inspiration. Try to keep an authentic look and feel, but also feel free to explore more updated layout / grid options. Use your design … Continued