Research Paper

7-10 pages MLA(ish) Printed Rough draft due: April 16. Final Due Date: Class Final Dec 10 Must cite 3 book references.

Helvetica Movie Day You’re in class assignment for next week is to watch, this movie. Then before Thanksgiving in the comments section of this post, share your favorite quote from the movie and how you feel about the typeface Helvetica after watching it. ( I may have to approve your comments before it shows up, also the … Continued

No More Rules – Take Home Exam

Take Home Exam Questions For each chapter in the book (1 Origins, 2 Deconstruction, 3 Appropriation, 4 Techno, 5 Authorship, 6 Opposition) you will need to find two examples of graphic design, that are not included in the chapter, that fit into the conceptual framework discussed in each chapter. So for chapter one Origins, you … Continued