No More Rules – Take Home Exam


Take Home Exam Questions

For each chapter in the book (1 Origins, 2 Deconstruction, 3 Appropriation, 4 Techno, 5 Authorship, 6 Opposition) you will need to find two examples of graphic design, that are not included in the chapter, that fit into the conceptual framework discussed in each chapter.

So for chapter one Origins, you will need to identify two pieces of graphic design that fit into tit’s time period and conceptual framework. You will then need to write a brief rational for each image explaining why it is appropriate. Repeat this process for each chapter. You may use designers discussed in the book, but you must use examples of their work that were not featured in the book. Also you may use the same designer for both images.

Extra Credit:

Design it! take your content and create a visual layout using Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, or HTML & CSS. They sky is the limit, just make sure I can read your rationals.

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