Choose two designers from the modern movement and two from the post modern movement. Try to select two designers form each movement who you feel exemplify their respective movements. Compare and contrasts their styles, their roles within the design community, and they type of work / medium they are associated with. Discuss how each designer exemplified aspects of their movement in their body of work.


Create your own topic. Ask me for approval & direction.


Research the history of web & interactive screen-based design. Start with the dawn of modern computers. Relate the different periods of the progression of web design to the time-periods we use to define traditional art and design history. such as Ancient, Middle age, Enlightenment (Pre-Modern) , Modern, Post Modern. Note that I am not look for an analogous translation, there is no equivalent to the “classical” period of antiquity in the arc of web design history. Rather I want you to asses the different phases, periods and movements in the progression of web design and create a theoretical framework informed by traditional time periods. Conclude your essay with what you believe to be the current status of modern web design. Is it in a period of modernism, post-modernism,  or (post-postmodernism / alter-modernism)?