Helvetica Movie Day

You’re in class assignment for next week is to watch, this movie. Then before Thanksgiving in the comments section of this post, share your favorite quote from the movie and how you feel about the typeface Helvetica after watching it.

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One response to “Helvetica Movie Day

  1. I think one of my favorite quotes from the movie was one by Lars Müller: “And I think I’m right by calling Helvetica the perfume of the city. It is just something we don’t notice usually but we would miss very much if it wouldn’t be there.” It’s true, Helvetica is everywhere and we may not notice it but places might have different feels if everything was in a different font. After watching the movie, I feel that Helvetica is a font that can be used almost anywhere and a lot of people don’t even know about its popularity. It is a font that is easily legible and can communicate messages clearly, a reason that it is used over and over again. However, I do think that people can misuse the font. Designers may not look into the context of what they are creating and go straight to Helvetica, where they could be more expressive and creative with what typeface they decide to use.

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