ch 6-7 Keynote & Study Questions



Chapter 6 Keynote slides

Chapter 7 Keynote slides


Chapter 6 Study Questions


What production techniques most altered the aesthetics of publication in the nineteenth century?


how many impressions could the first automated press make per hour?


What publications addressed the interests of the working class?


What were some examples of middle class jobs in the eighteenth century? 


What was the easiest printing method to combine letters and images?


What brought photographic portraiture into the realm of the middle class?


What categories of typefaces were in use?


What advantages exist in making type out of wood?


What did Walter Benjamin mean by the term auratic?


Chapter 7 Study Questions


The majority of mass communication in the nineteenth century was in what form?


what were the unique characteristics that Lithography printing offered to nineteenth-century designers?


What most inspired the work of Edward Penfield?


what were some  advancements in print technology?


What paper innovation provided a cheap ingredient?


What invention transformed metal type production for the first time since Gutenberg?


Advertisements of the nineteenth century sold more than goods; they also promoted…?


In what year did the first American advertising agency open?


Who were some early poster artist?


What inventions made photography accessible to amateurs, rather than professionals, at the end of the nineteenth century?

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