Helvetica Movie Day

You’re in class assignment for next (Monday), is to watch this movie. Then in the comments section of this post before next Thursday, share your favorite quote from the movie and how you feel about the typeface Helvetica after watching it.

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21 responses to “Helvetica Movie Day

  1. “what [Helvetica] is all about, is the interrelationship of the negative shape. The figure ground relationship. The shapes between characters and within characters.” (Mike Parker, 20:30-20:43)

  2. My favorite quote from the movie is “A typographers work must always be sensitive to the amount of space between text. Typography is really working in white its not even black, its the space between the black that makes it. For instance in music its the notes, the space between the notes that makes the music.”
    After watching the movie I have begun to notice Helvetica in even more places then I had originally thought possible. I feel like it has been overused however it still gets the point across in a clear way that allows for everyone to understand what is being said and that the message may be from some formal company or organization not just a random person.

  3. “Now we go down to the center and see if we can find Helvetica in our archives”

    I feel like Helvetica is a really nice typeface. I particularly like it because it is a san-serif font! I also like it because it was adopted for the international style of graphic design. Lastly, it is cool that this typeface is named after a country.

  4. My favorite quote from the movie was “Nobody doesn’t know what Helvetica is.” I chose this because that is very true. Helvetica type is used on many things from airlines to clothing stores to signs so everyone has definitely seen it before. I never really thought much of the type design I see throughout the day but after watching this, you can see that Helvetica is the main type used on almost everything. Compared to the way type was during the 50s when they showed the magazine, Helvetica is much cleaner and straightforward than the cursive/ crazy fonts they used during the 50s. After watching the movie, I have found that I prefer Helvetica being the most popular type instead of the cursive type they used to use. It just looks more clean and official which helps the text stand out to the reader.

  5. My personal favorite quote from the movie that I found entertaining was,”just a beautiful big glass of ice-cold Coke.
    The slogan underneath: lt’s the Real Thing, period. Coke, period. Punkt. ln Helvetica, period. Any questions? Of course not. Drink Coke, period.” This quote shows the seriousness and “Finality” to what the Helvetica font stands for. After watching this, I definitely have much more appreciation for the creation of a new font, as well realized the many more uses it has rather than just on apple computers that we see every single day. This movie also shows that each typeface has its own personality, and each typeface can be used for something else. Another interesting point brought up is how is very basic as well “holds authority”, giving it a boring, but important sense. Moving later in the movie, it shows how many modern designers are against the use of Helvetica due to how bland it was and how it wasn’t good for expression. One designer that stuck out to me during the movie was Michael C. Place, the reason he was notable to me is he enjoyed the challenge of using Helvetica, as well as attempted to make it have a personality and give it and “emotional response”. Overall, this movie gave me a different view on typefaces as a whole, understanding that each typeface has its own expression, but also you can make a typeface have an expression in the way that you use it as well.

  6. My favorite quote from the movie would be from Erik Spiekermann, where he says “It’s air, you know. It’s just there. There’s no choice. You have to breathe, so you have to use Helvetica.” Additionally, I never really fully processed how it is constantly around me and others and I never took the time to observe that. For instance, it’s on street signs, company logos, ads, and I also found it interesting that stores use the Helvetica font to gain credibility from consumers. So, how I feel about Helvetica is neutral; it’s a little overused but it for sure can get a message across with its readability and distinctive character.

  7. My favorite quote was “I am always interested in clarity. It should be clear. It should be readable. It should be straightforward”. I liked this because I do agree with it and I am someone likes a clean look in any type of art. I have never like Helvetica, unfortunately, and this film did not make me like it more but I can appreciate the clean and clear base of the typeface.

  8. My favorite quote from this movie was “there’s something about the typeface that really invites this sorta open interpretation” I really liked this quote because it opened my eyes on how Helvetica can be used to demonstrate different feelings and create different moods while using the same typeface. I personally love Helvetica I think it is clean and beautiful and love how it can be used universally to communicate while being a statement.

  9. My favorite quote from the film was “The meaning is in the content of the text and not in the typeface, and that is why we loved Helvetica very much”. I liked this quote because it helped me really wrap my head around the use and significance of Helvetica style type. I like Helvetica as a typeface because I like the idea of the content being what is truly important and it is a sentiment I strongly agree with.

  10. The government and corporations love to use Helvetica, because it is neutral, efficient, smooth, clean and that shows accountability, accessible and transparent to the public. The Helvetica face is wide-used in the world. We see that typeface literally everywhere in our life. Helvetica convey a powerful message to the public.

  11. “The way something is presented will define the way you react to it. So you can take the same message and present it in three different type faces so the response of that will be different. The choice of typeface is the prime weapon if you want it in communication.” I never noticed how often Helvetica was used until watching this movie and I have a newfound appreciation for it now. I realize that Helvetica font is found on numerous brands/advertisements but each time it is differentiated based on how its present which I find interesting.

  12. One quote that really stuck by me was “Everywhere you look you see typefaces.” I felt this one stuck out to me most because I never really realized (before college) that elements of Graphic Design are everywhere and we need it to understand. I learned about helvetica last semester from one of my classmates when she said it was her favorite typeface, and I started using it for a lot of things since. It seems very basic but also formal at the same time.

  13. “Helvetica comes from nowhere. It’s just there.” After watching Helvetica, it allowed me to realize how it’s the standard sans-serif font. Things are easy to read with Helvetica. There are no aspects wrong with it. It “shouldn’t be messed with.”

  14. One of the quotes that struck me was, “Helvetica comes from nowhere. It’s just there.” This caught my attention because through all of my graphic design courses I have heard this over and over. the simplicity of the typeface makes it instantly recognizable and the more you look the more you will find yourself seeing it. Apple is one company that strikes a chord with me when I think of the use of Helvetica. Another place i see this typeface often is in the airport, I believe this is because of the ease of reading and recognizing the characters.

  15. My favorite quote from the movie is … “It’s a default. It’s air. It’s just there. There’s no choice. You have to breathe, so you have to use Helvetica.” Eric Spiekermann.
    Before watching the movie, I didn’t realize how often this typeface has been used regularly in our everyday lives. As Spiekermann said it was a popular typeface back then and it’s now a default typeface we use today. What I think is unique about Helvetica that many other typeface can’t compare is the different ways you can use Helvetica and the different reactions and purposes it expresses.

  16. My favorite quote, or sentence from this film was “ “It’s very hard for a designer to look at these characters and say ‘ how would I improve them, how would I make them any different, they just seem to be exactly right’”. This sentence stood out to me because as a designer, you are always viewing things in the perspective of how you could alter something to be more “ your style”. Graphic designers and typographers each have their own style, and each have their own opinions on what they think looks best. So, the fact that no designer has come forward to say how they would alter Helvetica, goes to show the strength and versatility the type face holds. After taking typography a few semesters back, I realized how present Helvetica is in our world. But this film really highlights its pro guns and appreciation it holds with designers.

  17. “The meaning is in the content of the text and not in the typeface, and that is why we loved Helvetica very much.”

  18. My favorite quote from the film was “Helvetica is the perfume of the city. It is something you don’t notice often, but would miss very much”. I chose this quote because it is especially true. After watching, I found it fascinating how often Helvetica is actually used in advertising and everyday life. Throughout the movie they showed several examples of the typeface on storefronts, billboards, cafes, exit and street signs, etc., Prior to watching the film I had not thought about actually how often I see the font, but it is everywhere.

  19. My favorite quote is “A real typeface needs rhythm, needs contrast, it comes from handwriting, and that’s why I can read your handwriting, you can read mine. And I’m sure our handwriting is miles away from Helvetica or anything that would be considered legible, but we can read it, because there’s a rhythm to it, there’s a contrast to it. Helvetica hasn’t got *any* of that” because it’s true. We don’t really know what Helvetica is, but we do know what typeface is. We can also visualize typeface. With Helvetica its hard, it just exist.

  20. My favorite quote from the film was, “Typography could have personality the way drawing does.” I liked this quote because it shows how breaking away from the old traditions of adding type to pictures evolved into decorative and more interesting type styles. The font Helvetica is very basic to me. I feel that it would be a good font to use for subtitles or a good typeface to mix with other fonts except for the fact that it is mainly used everywhere. I think because Helvetica is all over the place in our daily lives, I think it can add a boring aspect to a poster, billboard, etc…

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