Extra Credit Options


The extra credit options so far are:


Letterpress your name with hand cut erasers. To complete this assignment you must cut out each letter of your name using a drawing eraser or some other soft substance, I recommend you use soft drawing erasers. Remember the letters need to back mirror backwards when you cut them out. Apply ink or paint to the cut letters and then hand in the print and erasers.


Write your own personal graphic design manifesto, should fit onto one page. Think of this as a statement of of what you believe and think is important about graphic design. For reference read, The Constructivist Manifesto, The Futurist Manifesto, and The First Things First Manifesto ( see also First Things First Manifesto 2000 – EmigreThe First Things First Manifesto | Adbusters, & First Things First 2014 )


Write up a project proposal / scope of work / contract for a fictional client. The client needs a logo, website design, general branding package, and some basic print design (brochure, biz cards, etc.) The client has a 10,000.00 dollar budget. Your proposal should include a cover letter, a scope of work which outlines the different phases of the project and estimates of how long each phase will take, and final a contract for the client to sign.

Read the AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for reference.


Create a Historical type face poster. Using Illustrator or Indesign create a poster about a historical type face, the content should include things like, year created, designer, typeface category,  type specimens and other notable historical data. Poster should be a at least 13 x 19 inches. Poster should be creative, making strong use of composition, contrast, color, etc & have an overall visually compelling aesthetic. For some ideas / inspiration check out this PInboard

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