Helvetica Movie Day

You’re in class assignment today is to watch, this movie. Then before 3pm in the comments section of this post, share your favorite quote from the movie and how you feel about the typeface Helvetica after watching it.

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22 responses to “Helvetica Movie Day

  1. “A good typographer always has sensitivity about the distance between letters. We think typographies black and white, typography is really white. It’s not even black, it is the space between the blacks that really makes it. In a sense it’s like music, it’s not the notes but the space between the notes that makes the music.”
    After watching this film I have a better appreciation for how versatile one type can be, especially Helvetica. I didn’t realize the extend to which designers use and look to Helvetica as a staple.

  2. “Why do people buy certain things? The brand rubs off on them, and type is our brand. You are telling an audience this is for you, by using a certain typographic voice.” After watching this film I realized that Helvetica is everywhere, and while some don’t like it, it’s commonly used. Helvetica is used because it is what people know, and what they’re familiar with. I personally really like Helvetica, it’s straight forward, no frills and has a long history.

  3. “In a post-modern period, designers were breaking things up, they wanted to get away from the orderly, clean, smooth surface of design, the horrible slickness of it all, as they saw it and produce something that had vitality.”
    After watching the film, I have more of an awareness of how diverse Helvetica actually is and how even though it has stayed the same over time, different styles (or periods) have developed that still incorporate Helvetica.

  4. One of my favorite quotes from the movie is, “The choice of typeface is the prime weapon in the communication.” I like this quote because I think it shows how powerful typography can actually be. It has the power to elicit emotion from people and convey messages. another quote that goes along with this is, “The way the message is dressed is going to define our reaction.” meaning the way the message is presented (the typeface) can define our reactions.

    After watching the movie, Helvetica seems to be a typeface that we see everywhere everyday, and don’t necessarily realize it. It’s used in both sign systems and corporate identities. One of the quotes i liked from the movie that describes Helvetica is, “In a way Helvetica is a club, it’s a mark of membership, a badge that says we are part of modern society.” Helvetica is clear, efficient and modern.

  5. “The meaning is in the content of the text and not in the typeface, and that is
    why we loved Helvetica very much.” Wim Crouwel

    I have already seen the film but watching it again it reiterated the fact that Helvetica is such a popular typeface because it conveys a message simply and clearly. In design and especially typography, sometimes you want the focus to be on the message and not on the typeface, which is why a simple yet beautiful typeface like Helvetica is so popular and widely used. It is very clear and easy to ready which is why it has so many useful applications, including in the NYC Subway system signage.

  6. “Don’t confuse legibility with communication. Just because something is legible doesn’t mean it communicates and, more importantly, doesn’t mean it communicates the right thing.” I have always liked this quote, even after the third time watching this documentary. This quote essentially talks about how typeface design communicates more than just being read. The visual aesthetic and style is equally important in communication. That is what makes Helvetica so popular is that it can be manipulated in slight ways to have it communicate a variety of different meanings. It’s also why it is so over-used and

  7. “The choice of typeface is the prime weapon,…and I say weapon largely because these days with commercial marketing and advertising the way the message is dressed is going to define our reaction to that message.”
    After watching this movie, I have a new appreciation for how timeless the Helvetica typeface has become and how often it is still used.

  8. My favorite quote from the Helvetica movie is: “It is a modern type, it is a very clear type, it’s good for everything pretty much. You can say “I love you” in Helvetica. And you can say it with Helvetica Extra Light if you want to be really fancy. Or you can say it with the Extra Bold if it’s really intensive and passionate, you know, and it might work.”

    I’ve heard this quote before while I was working on a project about Helvetica for another design class. I definitely have an appreciation for Helvetica as a typeface, as it can be applied to a variety of information and be successful. Many people don’t realize that they see Helvetica almost everyday which was made clear by this movie.

  9. “The way something is presenting will define the way you will react to it”
    “Typeface is a weapon”
    “Hunting for the next typeface took at lot of energry”
    After watching this movie I realized how much Helvetica is used. I never thought about it before or realized just how popular it is.

  10. “The biggest thing for me in terms of design is to get a sort of emotional response from the piece. Thats some of the best design I think. … I always really enjoyed using Helvetica cause some people say they use a different typeface because it gives a different feeling, and I really enjoyed the challenge of making Helvetica speak in a different way.”

    After watching the movie, I better understand how widely used Helvetica is, and how important it is in the history of type. I never noticed how many businesses and organizations, and even street signage use the font that I hadn’t realized before watching.

  11. “Helvetica has almost like a perfect balance of push and pull in its letters and that perfect balance is saying to us, ‘Don’t worry and if the problems you’re having or the problems in the world or the problems getting on the subway or finding a bathroom, all those problems aren’t going to spill over, they will be contained and in fact maybe they dont even exist.”
    After viewing this film, I know see how important Helvetica or any type is and how many different things one type can say and communicate. It makes more sense as to why Helvetica is such an important type.

  12. “Helvetica has the perfect balance of push and pull in its letters, and it’s kind of saying don’t worry about your problems they will all be contained.”
    I am very surprised to see how many places in the world use Helvetica. I always have known it as a default font on Microsoft office but I never noticed it in the world. After watching this video I now see where it is used and I understand why it is used.

  13. “Helvetica has the perfect balance of push and pull in its letters, and it’s kind of saying don’t worry about your problems they will all be contained”.
    I am very surprised to see how many places in the world use Helvetica. I always have known it as a default font on Microsoft office but I never noticed it in the world. After watching this video I now see where it is used and I understand why it is used.

  14. “A good typographer always has sensitivity about the distance between letters, within that typography is in black and white, typography is really white its not even black. its the space between the black that really makes it. in a sense its like music, its not the notes, it is the space in-between the notes that Mae the music.” – movie quote

    this film really opened up my eyes to how many different ways designers can use the Helvetica typeface. Helvetica is really a base start for all designers.

  15. “There’s just something about Helvetica. Something about the fact that people keep saying ‘I’ve come up with an improvement of Helvetica’ and it never is really good”
    I have always been a fan of the typeface Helvetica, but never realized its true impact on the world of visual communication. It was cool getting to see all the different places it is used that many people completely look over. I have seen many fonts that are similar to Helvetica, but there’s just something about how simple it is that makes Helvetica better. Some people say that it is boring, but I like the simplicity and neutrality it creates for designing timeless items such as ads, posters, and other signs. I like very minimalist designs, so Helvetica is perfect for creating short & bold statements.

  16. “Can you imagine how bracing and thrilling that was? It must have seemed like you had crawled through a desert with your mouth just caked with filthy dust, and someone’s offering you a clear, refreshing, distilled, icy glass of water to kind of clear away all this horrible burden of history. And it must have been fantastic!”

    this movie taught me about how important and revolutionary Helvetica was, and still is, in the design world. It can really be classified as one of the most important typefaces of all time.

  17. “The more the designer uses the type symbol the more the public sees it, and it becomes inevitably dull.” This quote definitely resinated with me because it made me realize how universal simple sayings on signs can be, such as the stop sign, it appears very normal and dull, but people thought about the design of it, the shape the size the lettering of the type, where to put it etc, and it kind of brought those universal symbols to life in my head when I saw them in the movie. This film also shocked me by showing me just how much Helvetica is actually used in our day to day life, that was something I had never noticed before watching this film.

  18. “There are people that that think that type should be expressive and they have a different view from mine. I don’t think type should be expressive at all. I mean I can write the word’ ‘dog’ with any typeface and doesn’t have to look like a dog, but there are people that when they write dog it should bark.”

    After watching the movie, I realized just how much this Helvetica is used very frequently. And for designers it can be seen in two different ways, expressive or just a typeface. Meaning, this typeface can be used by everyone for whatever reason.

  19. “Graphic design is the communication framework through which these messages about the what the world is now and what we should spire to is the way they reach us”

    Since we talked bout typeface in class I was attracted by this fantastic technic, everything is so smooth and after the work is finished the words are so clear and shock. Black letters on white paper forms a sharp contrast. Although it takes lots of work, but the it come out beautiful.

  20. “ A designer choosing typeface is essentially a casting director for a movie.”

    This quote resonated with me because of the shocking analogy within it. A movie without correctly selected type isn’t a bad movie, it’s just not as good as it could have been. Type plays such a large role in any type of film because it sets the tone of that particular scene. It has the ability to make or break a film, advertisement, photo, etc… Another point from the film I enjoyed was when Jonathan Hoefler explained that one font, possibly made of candy or nails(anything random), portrays one image but Helvetica portrays everything to everyone. It’s open to interpretation and very welcoming to any viewer. That’s why it has such a large appeal.

  21. “In a way the Helvetica is a club, it’s a mark of membership. It is a badge, that says we’re a part of modern society. We share the same ideals.”
    This quote stood out to me because it shows how a group of people can be based around a typeface. People who all use the same typeface are looking to evoke a similar feeling is all the viewers. I think it is interesting to realize that this typeface is more than the same shape and style of the letters as it is a public statement showing you are a part of modern society, without having to say it.

  22. Paula Sher- “It never dawned on me that typography could have personality the way drawing did. I realized that type had spirit, it could convey mood, and that it could be your own medium- that it was its own palette, a broad palette to express all kinds of things.”
    Before I started studying graphic design, I was not aware of the impact type can have on an image. Much like Paula, I did not realize it could have and be it’s own personality that is just as important as the image itself. After watching this film, I realized that Helvetica had many uses and meanings over time– Like Paula mentioned, big corporations in favor of the Vietnam war used it, and therefore if any designer did it meant that they were too. It is interesting how the font and way letters are presented can carry such weight and meaning to all different people.

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