Ch 12 Keynote

┬áCh 12 Keynote Ch 12 Learning Objectives   After reading the chapter, students should understand: The work of the graphic designer expanded from composing and stylizing messages to coordinating an “image” across products and communications. This coordination was facilitated by a logical approach and new production technologies. The aesthetics of corporate systematization drew on the … Continued

Chapter 11 keynote & study questions

Chapter 11 keynote Chapter 11 key points: Depression-era programs and wartime dictates pressed designers into large-scale, publicly funded information campaigns that also exposed a broad audience to cutting-edge visual trends. Documentary photography became a mainstay of mass-circulation publications and established a general perception of photojournalism as a source of unbiased records. Information design emerged as … Continued

Our Next Class Session

Hello class, on Tuesday March 24th we will resume our class sessions, meeting remotely with zoom. If you are new to zoom it’s a live video streaming platform to facilitate group meetings. It’s like FaceTime but works on virtually all platforms. You can use on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. If you are … Continued

ch 10 Keynote & Study Questions

Ch 10 Keynote Ch 10 Learning Objectives After reading the chapter, students should understand: Graphic design contributed to a culture of consumption, and modernism became a consumable idea, as once-experimental forms were popularized through style trends. Graphic designers were increasingly involved in creating lifestyle fantasies that were not inherently connected to the goods and services … Continued