Broadside Extra Credit

Using your notes create a stylized broadside layout in either Indesign or Illustrator on a sheet of 13 x 19  paper. Use examples from chapters 4 & 5 for reference / inspiration. Try to keep an authentic look and feel, but also feel free to explore more updated layout / grid options. Use your design sensibility and aesthetic to interpret the historic style. Consider experimenting with printing on non-traditional paper stocks ( but do print on matte paper, and be sure to use matte black ink in the epson printer). Also encouraged is exploration of the glyphs panel in your chosen type faces. Incorporating elements like ligatures, long “s”s, and other typographic tomfoolery is encouraged. You do not need to use all of your notes, just enough to create your desired layout, incorporate images from the chapters into your layout as well. I would suggest working primarily with chapters 4 & 5 as a start. Keep in mind this exercise is an exploration of style and layout, so the actual content is not especially important.

Up to 10 points available on your, previous or upcoming exam.

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