Chapter 8 Keynote slides Chapter 8 Study Questions    Why was Owen Jones’ Grammar of Ornament significant?   What was Arts and Crafts typography most inspired by?   What are some examples of Arts and Crafts publication?   Why were the writings of John Ruskin so influential?   William Morris sought to do what?   … Continued

Broadside Extra Credit

Using your notes create a stylized broadside layout in either Indesign or Illustrator on a sheet of 13 x 19  paper. Use examples from chapters 4 & 5 for reference / inspiration. Try to keep an authentic look and feel, but also feel free to explore more updated layout / grid options. Use your design … Continued

ch 6-7 Keynote & Study Questions

Chapter 6 Keynote slides Chapter 7 Keynote slides   Chapter 6 Study Questions   What production techniques most altered the aesthetics of publication in the nineteenth century?   how many impressions could the first automated press make per hour?   What publications addressed the interests of the working class?   What were some examples of … Continued

Overview of important images from ch 1-5

  Exam Review Slides  This keynote file contains a collection of images you can expect to see on the Exam, you may be asked to visually identify various things such as period, context, significance, or what specific ( format, style, principle ) they embody. You should also expect to see a few of the questions … Continued

chapter 5 Keynote & Study Questions

Chapter 5 Keynote Files Download a pdf of Study Questions   Chapter 5   • In the Enlightenment era, an increase in the variety and distribution of printed matter helped establish communities among readers who were connected by common interests and beliefs, rather than geographical proximity; and distinctive designs made these media visually identifiable.   … Continued